About Us

What WE DO

Practical Management Services Limited since its formation in 2006 has been helping companies achieve ISO certification, improve business performances and assist in meeting legislative requirements. We have wealth of experience for businesses of all sizes and from different sectors. Our aim is very simple; develop your management system to help you gain ISO certification and open up opportunities for you to win new customers and meet the requirements of existing ones. After ISO certification, many clients then trust us to maintain or improve their management systems on ongoing basis.

We provide sensible, cost effective and hands on service, adding real value to your business. From information security, business continuity, quality, environmental, health & safety to HR, we can develop systems that are effective and workable without draining your resources.  Whatever your business needs are we can project manage allowing you to focus on growing your business

Outsourced Manager

Why not use our Outsourced Manager? Our clients use this service for any of the following reasons:

  • Business controls and systems have elapsed.
  • Recruiting a competent manager for the role is proving difficult
  • It is not a full-time role or we do not have budget for it.
  • Manager has left the business and we needed someone to take immediate control.
  • Business growth is out-pacing the existing systems.

There are many benefits to be gained because you don’t need to worry about holidays, sick leave, pension, training or competence.  Its a simple mutual agreement where the Outsourced Manager visits your site just like a part-time manager to review and maintain your management system. He will also manage your internal and external audits, giving you complete peace of mind enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Why Choose Us

Practical Management Services has been helping businesses since 2006. Our clients are varied including Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Construction, IT, Finance and Engineering. We have successfully helped organisations to achieve their goals. Our core values are: